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Exterminator as

ZZ Top

Fortunate Sons as
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Heartache Tonight as
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California Surf, Inc
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Costaki Economopoulos

Performing Arts Center

REZA The Illusionist

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Vintage as
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Joseph Hall as Elvis &
Paul Eve as Johnny Cash

The Talent Factory

Venue Information and Booking Plans As of January 2020

The Talent Factory has gotten excellent reviews about their theater. The facility was built in the 1920’s for theater, Vaudeville, and a new phenomenon, “photo plays” (known today as “movies”).

The majestic 46’ ceilings, inlaid starlight ceiling lights, the beautiful scroll work, comfortable seating for over 400 people, (ground floor 240 & balcony 165) and two stage-side loges, all add to the uniqueness, beauty, and historic value of the venue.


​The theater is acoustically correct, with two stages; the 30’X18’ upper stage and the lower 8’X17’ apron stage.
At Venue’s discretion, available at no additional cost, is the following:
We run an X Air XR18~18 channel digital sound system that allows for I-Pad and Tablet wireless controls from anywhere in the theater, or from our engineering station, with a Behringer 6k amp.
Two dual 15” w/horn towers, plus two single 15” w/horn speakers, and four 12” wedges with horns and midrange.
We use two ElectroVoice 18" powered subs. Up to six audio monitors with unlimited mix capability, as well as four in-ear monitors with limited mix.
We have eight moving head lights (four LED & four hybrid), ten 64k LED pars, four LED RGB lightbars for up-lighting background, two LED color palettes, two LED lighted geyser hazers and one Hurricane Flex1800 hazer, and two LED follow spotlight and two 1000-watt incandescent spotlights. All are DMX controlled (except incandescent spots).
We have a permanent 30’X15’ projection screen with backgrounds projected from the engineering computer. We can put anything on the screen that can be put on a computer, including videos and background art. Our projector is a large Venue NEC projector @ 8500 lumens.
Artists may choose to use their own equipment for sound or lighting. (no discount)

The Talent Factory
Venue Booking Options

Option 1:
Venue Rental:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday ~ $500.00 per day +$2.00 per ticket
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ~ $300 per day +$2.00 per ticket
Theater is available from 1:00 PM to midnight on the day of show for load-in and load-out. Show times are for approximately two hours with 10 to 15-minute intermission, unless otherwise specified.

Ticketing & costs,
Thirty 8.5”x11” color posters for distribution, one 24”x36” full color poster theater window display.
Promotion by social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) emails from media followers list. Eventbrite also promotes and advertises all shows. Additional media promotions are the responsibility of the artist.
Use of sound and lighting systems at venue’s discretion.
We offer special hotel pricing for artists and guests through Quality Inn & Suites in Ames, Iowa of $59.00 +fees and taxes. These are quality rooms plus hot breakfast & pool.

Optional: Sound/lighting operator @$20.00 per hour. Spotlight operator @$15.00 per hour.

Option 2:
Door split (“A” Straight or “B” Flexible)
At venue’s discretion, Artist may request a door split on ticket sales in lieu of set rental fees. Door split percentages must be negotiated prior to the finalization of the agreement.

Criteria for “Straight” door split option: Artist should be able to draw audiences based on name recognition and reputation. Venue’s experience with artist is a factor.
Possible percentage splits: 80/20, 70/30, 60/40, 50/50

Criteria for “Flexible” door split option. This is common for artists building a following or reputation in a new market. Percentages are based on attendance. This type of compensation rewards the artist for promoting the show.
The more in attendance, the higher the artist percentage.

0 to 50 = 50/50 ~ Example: 50@$15=$750 Door – Split: $375/$375
51 to 100 = 60/40 ~ Example: 100@$15=$1500 Door – Split: $900/$600
101 to 200 = 70/30 ~ Example: 200@$15=$3000 Door – Split: $2100/$900
201 & up = 80/20 ~ Example: 300@$15=$4500 Door – Split: $3600/$900

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