Mention in announcements
Mention during show

Ad on screen for that show
Advanced notification of new shows

One Star (up to $100.00 or in-kind contribution) 

Two Star ($500.00)

​​​Three Star ($1,000.00)

Four Star  (2,000.00)

Five Star Exclusive  (Entire Entertainer's fees)

All One & Two Star Benefits, plus
Full sized ad on screen
Ads for three weeks prior to show
Named as Sponsor on posters
Named as Sponsor in advertising

12 complimentary tickets General or Preferred

The Talent Factory's Performing Arts Sponsorship Program will allow and encourage local businesses to support live entertainment in the performing arts in our community.  This will encourage local and national acts to come to Nevada, Iowa to be seen by Iowans, at reasonable costs.  Previously, many of these shows could only be seen in large metro areas or in the entertainment capitals of the country.
​By offering different levels of sponsorship, small businesses will have access to our followers on social media and in our advertising, both local and statewide.


What type of advertising do you do?
We do social media, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as radio and some television. We also do posters, flyers and emails.

What do you means by "Business type  exclusive"?
That means that we only allow one sponsor per type of business. For example, once we have a realtor as a sponsor, we can't accept other realties or realtors for that show.

What does "in-kind contributions" mean?

"In-kind" means a business might contribute ice for concessions if it's a convenience store; labor or materials could be contributed for building projects; A printing company might contribute printing for tickets, posters, etc...

"Will our sponsorship be deductible?"
Sponsor fees may be deducted as advertising. (Talk to your accountant)
*We are also exploring becoming a non-profit company; 501 (3)(c).

​"How many events can we sponsor?"
You may sponsor as many shows as you wish.  Findng a show that will suit your customer demographics or your targeted demographics can increase sales and customer awareness of your products.

"Are all events eligible for sponsoring?"
There will be some events that are not eligible for sponsoring through the Talent Factory, but may be sponsored through the event's producers or organizers.  These would include events that simply rent our facilities and services and that we have no control over promotions and advertising.


All One Star Benefits, plus
​Business type exclusive
Ads in shows two weeks prior to show

Reserved Seating (If available)
First notification of tickets on sale
8 complimentary tickets General Seating

We are currently looking at a "Season Ticket" program, which will allow the donor access to a number of shows and concerts in exchange for an annual or bi-annual contribution.

​and Individual Sponsor programs.

For More Information or Questions, Please Contact:
Larry Sloan

515-382-0085 Office
​515-975-7553 Cell

All benefits above, plus:

Complete Exclusivity in all advertising & promotion
Unlimited Complimentary Tickets Preferred or General

Sponsor Benefits & Investments

All One, Two, & Three Star Benefits, plus
Product placement at show

16 Complimentary Tickets Preferred or General

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