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It currently has a higher audience score on Rottentomatoes than any Hollywood film out at the moment: 4.7/5 95%. Many would consider it to be one of the most culturally important Native American films due to a beautiful performance by the film's star, Lakota Elder Dave Bald Eagle, who was 95-years-old during filming.

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Neither Wolf Nor Dog

“When white people won, it was a victory. When we [Native Americans] won, it was a massacre. When they fought for freedom, it was a revolution. When we fought for freedom, it was an uprising.”

“Neither Wolf Nor Dog” follows a writer, Kent Nerburn (Christopher Sweeney), an aging Lakota elder, Dan (Dave Bald Eagle), and an incredulous friend, Grover (Richard Ray Whitman) on an unexpected adventure through Lakota country. Kent takes on the monumental task of writing down Dan’s life stories to publish them as a book.

The film is laden with oral history and poignant observations on white and Native American relations. As Kent, a white American, opens himself to Dan’s storytelling and teaching, viewers are gently forced to confront the horrors of the past. It’s the type of film whose effect lasts much longer than it's two-hour run, leaving viewers with knowledge they cannot ignore.

Showing at 7:00 PM