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​ Friday, August 27th

In honor of JOURNEY’s legacy, five well-seasoned musicians from Omaha Nebraska converged as ReCaptured to re-create, and allow audiences of all ages to recapture, the sights, the sounds, and the feelings we remember so well from the era when JOURNEY captivated us all with their music and their message. Every member of ReCaptured is dedicated to the goal of this re-creation, from Steve’s convincing and accurate portrayal of Steve Perry’s physical nuances and vocal inflections, to Danny’s amazingly powerful renditions of Neal Schon’s timeless guitar licks. Chuck, Dave, and Todd project a confident musical performance that fills every room with the rhythm of JOURNEY that we all know and love.

A performance by ReCaptured, A Tribute To Journey, is a show you will not want to miss. The accuracy and the nostalgic yet exciting aura that fills the room at every show will leave you satisfied, and wanting more at the same time. Recapture the music of JOURNEY with ReCaptured.

America's Ultimate Tribute To:
By ReCaptured!

The rock/pop group JOURNEY reigned the billboard charts through much of the 70’s and 80’s, churning out hit after hit and leaving us smiling, crying, or singing along at every turn. Decades later, their uplifting and powerful music continues to leave an impression on all who are privileged enough to hear and experience it.