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The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute Band in America with special Guests, JETT THREAT, a fabulous Joan Jett Tribute Band.
ANGUS KHAN play face-melting hard rock with dashes of punk, heavy metal and ’70s glitter. The Los Angeles five-piece is a west coast supergroup of sorts, featuring members of seminal HOLLYWOOD rawk bands THE STREETWALKIN’ CHEETAHS, B MOVIE RATS, ADZ and JESTERS OF DESTINY. They offer a rip-roarin’, high energy live show, complete with extravagant lights, smoke, bells and whistles ala Mötley Crüe (sans pyro) and KISS (sans makeup). Because of the inherent diversity and radness of their music, ANGUS KHAN can gig with everyone from the most punishing of metal bands, to the garagiest rock sensations and the punkest of the punk.


If ever there was an artist who could pull off the intensity and ferocity of one of Rocks most iconic ladies its Karie Skogman. Inducted to the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was just the icing on a long steady career in music. Karie does this tribute to Joan Jett with all the subtlety of a sledge hammer. besides nailing the guitar parts exactly she does the best vocal performance we have ever heard on a Joan Jett set list.  Karie is known all over the Mid-West for her super high energy shows with her old band lipstick Slick. 

Karie will be performing with Angus Khan at the Talent Factory on the Monsters of Rock Tribute Series. Here is your chance to re live history with the two best tribute bands in the country. 

And so it begins.

ANGUS KHAN will soon rule the world with rock and you too shall join the armada. With dignity, with passion, and with your ass kicked straight to Uranus, you too shall ride with ANGUS KHAN! Whooooa yeeeeah!

On a scale of 1 - 10, if the Original AC/DC is a 10, these guys are a 9!!

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