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Performing Arts Center

The Talent Factory

January 22nd @ 7:00 PM
The Great AC/DC Revival!

From Australia,

The band hails from Australia, and is frequently seen in theaters and arenas near you. It's been said that they are the bastard children of SPINAL TAP and STEEL PANTHER. Their on-stage and off-stage antics are loved by their fans, a truly cult-like following with this group.  

While they may have funny sides, this band takes the music of their heroes very seriously and deliver spot on performances of AC/DC's greatest hits. The show is spectacular, with lighting and video presentations that have earned them praise at every venue.  

The boys have been busy at work providing their fans with some truly outrageous videos and have started their own YOUTUBE channel ANGUS KHAN TV, be sure to sign up so you dont miss any of the weekly videos. From Tea Time with Angus, Brian the Builder, FAQ with Malcolm Khan and more, you will find it on Angus Khan TV.  

"On a scale of 1 - 10, if the Original AC/DC is a 10, these guys are a solid 9!!"

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