Where History And Entertainment Meet!

Performing Arts Center

The Talent Factory

We've been thrilled to bring to life this historical theater after it has  been sitting empty, without the good people of this city taking advantage of it,  for many years!  We are delighted that so many residents from the area are excited to see it come back to life! 

Everyone marvels at how this grand old building still has the many stars in the ceiling and that the balcony's seats still  recline!  The performers have noted that the acoustics are phenomenal when  they perform in this 400 seat theater.  

We are pleased to have found some of  the best comedy in the country, great bands and singers, illusionists, hypnotists, and psychics, and other fabulous, national entertainers to perform on  a regular basis, along with many other very talented individuals and groups  from around the area! 

We are always looking  for new talent to come in and  showcase their talent!

Feel free to email us at Larry@iowatalentfactory.com to find out more about booking the theatre or auditioning to perform!

Thank you for supporting the Iowa Talent Factory!

Larry Sloan 
Producer & Director
Cindy Sloan
​Producer & Graphics